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Oklahoma Fungi Family!

Oklahoma Fungi is the premiere supplier of Mycology products in Oklahoma. We started our store to support other Oklahomans who are interested in growing Fungi. Our company distributes quality genetics, laboratory equipment, production consumables & much more. We work with industry leaders to make sure you receive the best products for the best price. By ordering in bulk we can provide our customers with lower minimum order quantities & better options for those working on a smaller scale. Whether you are working on the industrial scale or just getting started growing mushrooms we can assist you along the way. We want to help our customers grow the best mushrooms possible!


Our genetic cultures are sourced from all over the United States to provide you with an incredible variety of gourmet & medicinal mushrooms. Some of the species we carry are Oyster, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Piopinno, Beefsteak, Maitake, & Cordyceps. 

Oklahoma Fungi is proud to support local farmers & businesses across the state. We only source organic, locally grown grains from farmers in Oklahoma. We believe that using organic ingredients is better for everyone including Planet Earth. We source all other products locally whenever available. Our organic production waste is composted by a local company, Fertile Ground, that uses it to create new, rich soils for local gardens across the city. Visit our Youtube channel to learn more about cultivating Fungi indoors or outdoors in the garden. The Oklahoma Mycology Community is growing faster than ever and we are very excited for you to be a part of it. 

- Adam, The Oklahoma Fungi


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