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What is the Myco-Community?

The Myco-community is a worldwide group of passionate individuals who have dedicated their time to learning more about Fungi. As a community we can learn from each others successes without having to go through them. Sharing knowledge is important to progress as a community & we strive to make growing Fungi as accessible as possible. We love to learn about useful products, new cultivation methods, tips on sterile technique & anything that may be useful in the laboratory!

Check out the companies below to see our

list of Fungi Friends & Suppliers:

- Bolt Threads                   


- FascintatedByFungi       

- Feral Fungi                      

- Four Sigmatic                 

- FreshCap Mushrooms   

- Fungi Foundation           

- Fungi Perfecti                

- MadewithReishi             

- Microppose                    

- Mossy Creek Mushrooms

- MycoSymbiotics            

- Mycoworks                    

- MycTyson Mushrooms 

- Myers Mushrooms       

- North Spore Mushrooms

- Pan’s Jerky                   

- Terrestrial Fungi          

- Tiger Mushroom Farms

- Unkle Fungus               

- Wild Craft Studio School

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